Crucible Coliseum

Join the Crucible Coliseum in a group or solo and go up until the

last stage. Earn points by defeating the enemies and earn Crucible

Insignias to exchange for powerful equipment.

Reward for completing the Stages:

Crucible Insignia

Fully working PVP Crucible Arenas

Enter 10 vs 10 or 1 vs 1 fights, beat your enemy, collect points

and earn Insignias to get yourself powerful equipment.

PVP Arena Rewards:

Crucible Insignia

Courage Insignia


Custom Maps with Custom drops  

Teleport to the event map, beat the Boss inside and get yourself started with great equipment.


Full Anuhart’s Set

Thabata’s Weapon

Full Anuhart’s Jewelery



Fully working Beshmundir Temple

Normal mode or Hard mode? Which one do you choose?

Enter the Beshmundir Temple beat Stormwing and earn

powerful equipment to boost your character.

Rewards in Stormwing’s loot:

Stormwing’s set

Platinum Medals



Custom NPC Rewards

Get daily rewards* from NPC’s with various items to turbo charge your character.

Rewards from the NPC:

Random Item*

*The Reward NPC is updated depending on the state of the population in theserver and depending on what items are suitable for that determinate time.

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